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28 May 2024 / News & Events

PhD student (f/m/d)

The HOLTHUIS LAB invites applications for a PhD student to work on “Interrogating plasma membrane permeabilization and repair at nanoscale”....
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20 December 2023 / News & Events

Postdoctoral Researcher (f/m/d)

The HOLTHUIS LAB invites applications for a Postdoctoral Researcher to work on "Lipid Network Reconstruction and Computational Modeling for Inherited...
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8 May 2023 / News & Events

Research Training Group got funded

May 8th 2023 - Our Research Training Group "Nanomaterials @ Biomembranes" got funded by the DFG !!! Read more...
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24 November 2022 / News & Events

Research Center SFB 1557 funded by the DFG

Our new Collaborative Research Center SFB 1557 “Functional plasticity encoded by cellular membrane networks” funded by the DFG !!! Read...
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4 October 2022 / News & Events

Pathogenic variants of sphingomyelin synthase SMS2 disrupt lipid landscapes in the secretory pathway

Check out our latest work on how bone-critical sphingomyelin synthase variants disrupt lipid gradients and membrane properties along the secretory...
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