PhD Theses

PhD Theses

Dr. Quirine Lisman
17 December 2004
University of Amsterdam

"The Golgi: a transition point in membrane lipid composition and topology"

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Dr. Klazien Huitema
21 November 2005
Utrecht University

"The sphingomyelin synthase family"

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Dr. Patricia Verhulst
14 January 2009
Utrecht University

"Flip or flop: functional analysis of a disease-related class of lipid pumps”

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Dr. Ana Vacaru
14 December 2009
Utrecht University

"Mechanisms and impact of ceramide phosphoethanolamine biosynthesis”


Dr. Fikadu Tafesse
14 December 2009
Utrecht University

"A ceramide sensor hiding in a family of sphingomyelin synthases”



Dr. Catheleyne Puts
22 January 2010
Utrecht University

"Mechanism of P-type ATPase-catalyzed phospholipid transport: tackling the giant substrate problem”


Dr. Hanka Hennrich
11 April 2012
Utrecht University

"The flip side of ion transport: molecular dissection of a heterodimeric lipid pump”


Dr. Rob Mesman
13 February 2013
Utrecht University

"Lipids, lipid droplets and lipoproteins in their cellular context: an ultrastructural approach”





Dr. Radhakrishnan Panatala 
9 Dezember 2014
Utrecht University

"Ins and Outs of a Heterodimeric Phospholipid Pump"




Birol Thesis 2.jpeg

Dr. Birol Cabukusta
28 November 2016
Utrecht University 

"Molecular Dissection of a Candidate Ceramide Sensor"