• September 21th 2020: Great that Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna received their well deserved prize, but the winners of the Sphingolipid Biology/Avanti Polar Lipids PhD Students Contest are: Hana Matuskova and Patrick Niekamp. Congratulations Hana and Patrick!

    PhD Contest Patrick.jpg

  • July 5-28th 2019  4th UOS Summer School "Biomembranes and Cellular Microcompartments"
  • April 23rd 2019  Check out our latest work on how ceramides commit cells to death in Nature Communications [read more]
  • February 21st 2019  Our collaborative work with Outi Makitie’s group on the link between a sphingolipid metabolic enzyme and a human bone disease published in JCI Insight  [read more]
  • February 2nd 2019  Our cool paper on photoswitchable lipids published in eLife  [read more]
  • July 6-29th 2018: 3rd UOS Summer School "Biomembranes and Cellular Microcompartments"
  • July 13th 2017: Amrita's thesis defense at Utrecht University


  • July 7-29th 2017: 2nd UOS Summer School "Biomembranes & microcompartments"
  • June 10th 2017: Lab members participating in the 1st UOS Campusnacht (more info)


  • November 28th 2016: Birol's thesis defence at Utrecht University
  • July 2016: Three  trumps for lipid diversity (Kol et al. 2016) on cover of Journal of Lipid Research

    small_front-matter JLR Jul 2016-1.jpg