PhD Theses

PhD Theses

Dr. Quirine Lisman
17 December 2004
University of Amsterdam

"The Golgi: a transition point in membrane lipid composition and topology"

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Dr. Klazien Huitema
21 November 2005
Utrecht University

"The sphingomyelin synthase family"

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Dr. Patricia Verhulst
14 January 2009
Utrecht University

"Flip or flop: functional analysis of a disease-related class of lipid pumps”

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Dr. Ana Vacaru
14 December 2009
Utrecht University

"Mechanisms and impact of ceramide phosphoethanolamine biosynthesis”


Dr. Fikadu Tafesse
14 December 2009
Utrecht University

"A ceramide sensor hiding in a family of sphingomyelin synthases”



Dr. Catheleyne Puts
22 January 2010
Utrecht University

"Mechanism of P-type ATPase-catalyzed phospholipid transport: tackling the giant substrate problem”


Dr. Hanka Hennrich
11 April 2012
Utrecht University

"The flip side of ion transport: molecular dissection of a heterodimeric lipid pump”


Dr. Rob Mesman
13 February 2013
Utrecht University

"Lipids, lipid droplets and lipoproteins in their cellular context: an ultrastructural approach”




Dr. Radhakrishnan Panatala 
9 Dezember 2014
Utrecht University

"Ins and Outs of a Heterodimeric Phospholipid Pump"



Birol Thesis 2.jpeg

Dr. Birol Cabukusta
28 November 2016
Utrecht University 

"Molecular Dissection of a Candidate Ceramide Sensor"




thesis Amrita.png

Dr. Amrita Jain
13 July 2017
Utrecht University 

"Molecular ordering of ceramide-mediated mitochondrial apoptosis"


Amrita Jain


Dr. Shashank Dadsena
24 October 2020
Universität Osnabrück 

"Unraveling the molecular mechanism of ceramide-induced mitochondrial apoptosis"


Shashank Dadsena


Dr. Jan Parolek
25 October 2020
Universität Osnabrück 

"Exploring the physiological roles of sphingomyelin synthase family members by proteolytic inactivation and mistargeting strategies"


Jan Parolek


Dr. Dina Hassan
15 April 2021
Universität Osnabrück 

"Unraveling the working mechanism of a tumor suppressor lipid"


Dina Hassan


Dr. Patrick Niekamp
16 April 2021
Universität Osnabrück 

"The role of sphingomyelin metabolism and transbilayer dynamics in host-pathogen interactions"


Patrick Niekamp

Dr. Tolulope Sokoya
7 June 2022
Universität Osnabrück 

"Cracking the sphingolipid code: Impact of disrupted sphingoglipid gradients on cell organization in relation to disease"