The HOLTHUIS LAB invites applications for

2 PhD students (f/m/d)

starting as soon as possible. The position is fixed for a period of 3 years. The successful candidates will participate in a DFG-funded research program aimed at elucidating cellular functions of sphingolipids, a class of multi-purpose biomolecules involved in life-death signalling, molecular sorting and membrane repair.

PhD student #1 will combine functional assays with live cell imaging and correlative 3D electron microscopy to determine how membrane damage-induced sphingolipid scrambling and turnover promote survival of wounded cells [read more].

PhD student #2 will exploit organellar lipidomics/proteomics, fluorescent biosensors and live cell microscopy to address how a disease-linked accumulation of sphingolipids in the ER affects the organelle’s central role in stress signaling, membrane biogenesis and cargo export [read more].

The application dead line is 1 March 2023. Further information on each project, the conditions of employment and how to apply can be found here [PhD position #1] and here [PhD position #2].

We are very much looking forward to receiving your application!


PhD student & Diploma/MSc positions

Our division is constantly seeking for highly motivated PhD and Diploma/Master students to work on molecular and cell biological aspects of membrane lipid transport and homeostasis. Following a strictly interdisciplinary approach, we combine a wide array of techniques that include the application of bifunctional lipid analogues to capture novel lipid effectors and homeostatic machinery to cell-free expression/reconstitution of membrane proteins, high-resolution live cell imaging and studies in genetically tractable organisms (yeast, C. elegans). Besides direct access to state-of-the-art facilities in chemical biology, biophysics, proteomics, lipidomics and advanced microscopy, we offer a scientifically inspiring environment with great opportunities for collaborative projects at the interface of different disciplines. 

Students of different nationalities work in our division, and so the language of all our group meetings and research seminars is English. We are very interested in international scientific exchange and thus explicitly encourage foreign students to apply for positions. Interested candidates should have a background in (bio)chemistry, molecular cell biology and/or biophysics, a good working knowledge of English, well-developed communication skills, and a strong motivation to work in an international team on exciting topics in membrane biology. Please send us your CV, including a cover letter that describes your ambitions and motivation to work with us. For any questions, feel free to contact Joost Holthuis via phone or email.

Post-doc positions

If you are interested in doing a post-doc in our division, please do write us at anytime. Post-docs usually come to our lab on an EMBO or Marie-Curie Fellowship. Not all fellowships are open to all nationalities and therefore strategies have to be specifically devised. We will, however, be committed to help with these applications. Be aware that such applications need to be arranged well in advance, so please contact us in due course.

Come and join us! We promise you won't regret!